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Fun Fishing Trips & Charters

Get the opportunity to catch big game by going on one of our fishing trips in Rio Vista, CA. When you book a charter with The Fish Hookers, you will get to explore the open waters on one of our fast boats. We are located just minutes away from everything the Delta has to offer, including sturgeon at the Mothball Fleet and stripers at Freeport. We are also within 30 minutes of San Pablo Bay. Contact us today to reserve a spot on our next trip.

Winter Fishing with Barry

Winter striped bass and sturgeon fishing can be some of the most exciting fishing you can do. The hunt for the stripers and sturgeon in cold water and then the presentation of the bait and art of balancing to catch the stripers is fun. Enjoy this with Captain Barry.

His favorite time to catch big fish is when the water turns cold, and the metabolism of the fish slow down. To snag them, he prefers to use threadfin shad as bait. He uses the biggest shad that he can get or has frozen all year. The rod may move up. The bait may move forward, or the rod may move down, which tells him whether the fish is moving toward him or away. This movement proves that there is a fish there. You never know what size it might be. It could be that prize fish you've been waiting to catch all your life.

The days of just snatching up big stripers each time you go out are over. Today, you must hunt, present, and act, to be successful at catching big fish. You will find that this can all be part of the fun of the catch. The line screaming off the reel, setting the hook, and having your rod double over with the weight of a big fish is thrilling. This is what fishing is all about.

Man Holding a Large Sturgeon

The tide plays a big role in fishing stripers in the Delta. While in the fast part of the tide, you want to fish shallow water. In the slower water, you can go deeper for fish, and in the slack water, you want to "fly line." Fly lining means casting out your bait with no weight, and as the boat turns, your bait moves on the bottom. Boy, it is fun when you catch a fish at this time.